Kendriya Bhandar Online Store in Delhi

Swadesh Daily Needs Private Limited  (SDNPL) are the owners of the marketplace  The company has started this platform initially in the Delhi/ NCR region with the sole aim of connecting ‘the source’ to the end use ‘customer’ for daily need products & services by way of technology.

While doing this, we will be focusing on the four C’s for the customer, i.e. his convenience in shopping, his comfort while he does so, his cost of purchase for the grocery products & our company’s commitment to deliver the above to the customer to his/ her complete satisfaction.

By connecting the customer to the producer, we intend to get the best quality & price for the customer & offer the producer a seamless market.  We are starting with grocery items as our first vertical in the market place & shall gradually add other daily need product & services.Kendriya Bhandar Online Store in Delhi

Keeping this philosophy in mind, we have joined hands with Kendriya Bhandar to be our backend partners for grocery. The Kendriya Bhandar brand not only assures the customer of best prices in this segment but also offers a sustained goodwill of quality of more than 50 years. Their basket of more than 5,000 products is built on this long experience of customer needs.Their existing network of 104 Kendriya Bhandar stores offers us the ability to reach every nook & corner of Delhi.

We aim to provide the best prices transparently, all throughout the year. So enjoy this unique, most economical shopping experience with us.